Where the story begins...®

Over a number of years with my love of fabric and craft, I transformed my dream into creating handmade couture pieces of clothing for girls-

dreams can become real.....Where the story begins...®

       THIS IS MY STORY (so far...)

It all started as an idea to sew some skirts for my girls, in the beginning after lots of research, techniques and many samples. I finally came up with some products that friends and total strangers started to ask where I got the pieces from. Slowly I started to say 'I made them' then the girls said 'my mum made them' she can make you one if you like? kids are honest and dont muck around with the truth.  

Each piece is created for a story to be told and memories to be made. Be it BIG pockets in my skirts allowing for treasure to be collected while hunting in the garden or skirts edged with tulle for spinning and twirling around.  All pieces are a chance for children to weave their own whimsy story of imagination and adventure and to fill their days with fun and laughter. Designs that capture the spirit and imagination of childhood.

My mission is to offer my customers a quality handmade couture garment, that can be worn everyday and passed down from generation to generation.

All handmade garments are designed and made in Geelong, Australia

Love Katharine xx


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