Social Distance Face Coverings MEDIUM


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Please read through the information below so that you understand the terms and conditions of purchasing a Face covering.


Please refer to photos on how to measure. If you are in-between sizes, we recommend that you size up.

XS - 10cm
S - 11.5cm
M - 13cm
L - 14.5cm

Materials (different to previous batches)

The Face coverings have 3 layers, 1 layer of interfacing filter fabric, acting in between 2 layers of cotton fabric.


The face covering is a Panel style and has a closer fit around the face. The coverings have soft loop ties for added softness and easy wear. Or adjustable ties. Filter pocket included.


Try to handle the face covering as little as possible, placing the loops around the ears and pulling the lower front of the covering down over your chin. It should sit comfortably just below your eyes and cover your nose, mouth and chin.

 I make no promises that any size will fit you or any other member of your family in a manner that will offer the greatest possible protection.

 Care Instructions:
I recommend hand washing your face covering after each use. It seems silly to reuse a dirty mask, so consider having several masks to rotate through the wash.  Do not tumble dry them - I have no idea what will happen if you do. Hand-washing is the best option.


This mask is not a professional-grade or medical-grade mask, and I make no warranties or guarantees about the effectiveness of the mask in preventing the transmission of COVID-19 or other viruses. (but I really wish it would!!)

It is important to note that covering your face with a piece of cloth won’t protect you from infection. However, it could help to keep you from spreading COVID-19 or other viruses to others if you are unknowingly carrying the virus without symptoms.


Unfortunately I cannot offer returns or exchanges for the face coverings for obvious reasons (rona/germies). If your face covering is faulty please contact me.


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